Monday, November 29, 2010

So close and yet so far........

Hello all,
Carol and I have been making cushions over the last week or so. Mine is finally finished and I am very pleased with it (so close)......... I have tried to buy a cushion pad for it today and cannot find anything even remotely the right size (so far) .....That is very annoying!!! The cushion was easy and the instructions were clear, now all I need is a cushion pad........ Wish me luck!

Sunday, November 28, 2010

The wait is over..........

I am pleased to announce the safe arrival of our new grand-daughter, Thora!

Thora Urska Smedley arrived on Friday 26th November (which, it turned out, was not Brians birthdayafter all, in spite of my last post..... his birthday is 27th November and always has been for the thirty something years that I have known him :-) For some reason I had it fixed in my mind that his birthday fell on a Friday this year Anyway, back to the baby...). Thora weighed in at a healthy 7lbs 1oz and mother and baby are both doing well!

We have had snow this week, hence the rather wintry feel to my blog. I have spent a large portion of today wrapping Christmas presents so I am hoping that will free up some time to play with my new sewing machine tomorrow evening. I have also been sorting through my stash of Just Cross stitch ornament magazines. Every year I promise that I will stitch a selection of ornaments and every year I leave it a little late ..... okay, more than a little late I agree......oh well, I have baby things to stitch for now anyway....... :-)

Only a few more days of work and then I have a week off and may just get a little stitching done. Then I may even have a picture or two to share, who knows?

Thanks to all those that continue to visit and leave comments!

Monday, November 22, 2010

We wait and wait and........

we wait some more and still no sign yet of Sophies baby......... :-) Sophies due date was 13 November and we are all (especially Sophie) getting impatient to meet the little one and find out whether it is a girl or a boy. Brian (DH) is really hoping that the baby comes on Friday 27 because, if so, he and the baby will share the same birthday. Brian would really love that and it would be a fabulous birthday present for him, so I am hoping baby comes on Friday this space!
Little Daisy, who was born in February, continues to be the apple of everybodys' eye and has been crawling for a few weeks and has now learned to walk along whilst holding herself up on the sofa - so cute!
I have managed to get in a little more stitching recently than I was a few months ago and have also invested in a new sewing machine as my old Elna decided to start playing up. I am now the proud owner of a Pfaff Grandquilter as Carol and I went on an adventure on Friday afternoon to look at machines. We had a wonderful time and Carol drove to The Cotton Patch in Birmingham and back, on the motorway, in the FOG - what a heroine, she is fearless!!! Actually I should probably mention that Carol also bought the same sewing machine which suits me just splendidly because now we can learn how to use it together!
Carol and I also had a wonderful day together on Saturday making cushions and I will take photos just as soon as I can....... they are very pretty, even if I say so myself.
I will leave you with a couple of photos of stitching that was completed earlier in the year and hope to be back soon with some newer stitching photos and also with some baby-news. Now, for some reason, which is a complete mystery to me, Blogger has published the photos at the top of this post and I have no idea how to move them down ! The first photo is of a little applique piece which Claire made for Daisys' room, the second is a completed Shepherds Bush sampler which I made for my friends grandson (WIP pictures are further down the blog) and the last one is by Plum St Samplers and I love it........
As always, the images are clickable if you should so wish........ Thanks for visiting!