Monday, April 16, 2007

more party pics.........

Actually I want to share one last post before I head off to bed tonight. Here are a couple of photos taken at my birthday party. My daughters, aided and abetted by Carol arranged a party for myself and my niece and they decided on a surprise theme, which turned out to be butterflies. When I got to the party everything looked so pretty! The girls decorated the table with butterflies and even made little butterfly-tiara/headbands for all the girls there. The predominant colours were pink lavender and green - my favourites. See, I told you all that I have been well and truly spoilt! I hope you enjoy looking at the photos this evening, I hope to be back again over the next few days with more pictures.... Thanks for visiting, everybody!

Last, but by no means least, of tonights posts, here is a photo of a birthday gift from my friend Annie. Annie has never cross stitched before, but wanted to stitch something for my birthday. She stitched the design for a handbag mirror - a wonderfully vibrant celtic cross on black 14ct aida - I love it, thank you Annie!

My friend Betsey sent me a whole host of goodies which included a bag which she made for me....I am still toying with the idea of using it as a handbag rather than a little 'stitching project' bag.......she also sent a lovely pincushion - look at all those french knots! I love sheep...... Thank you Betsey, your gifts are beautiful!

My friend Sue sent me a beautiful needroll all the way from New Zealand, I just love all the colours in it and the ribbon enhances the prettiness of the needleroll -isn't it just fabulous? Sue also sent a selection of gifts which include the most beautiful wrap, edged with little feathers, based on Maori cloaks and a paua shell brooch. I am so lucky to have such talented and generous friends - thank you Sue!

Here is a close up of the top of the box and the fabulously yummy chocolate birthday cake, complete with edible glitter , which Carol also made for me (along with an almost identical cake for my six year old niece who shares the same birthday and birthday party with me). When does Carol find time to sleep I hear you all cry.............. "goodness only knows" is the answer, she is a very generous and creative lady and I know that I am very happy to count her as my good friend - thank you Carol! Carol will be blushing madly by now as, amongst her many attributes, she is an incredibly modest person - sorry Carol! :-)

As if the basket wasn't enough, Carol also made me a wonderful little octagonal box, stitched in the loveliest variegated of which was waterwoods. Maybe Carol will comment and let you know what the other thread was called. Again, the pictures do not do the stitching enough justice!

I had so many beautiful gifts for my birthday and was well and truly spoilt! My friend Carol stitched and lined a basket, which she filled with gorgeous little stitched accessories. Both the stitching and finishing are a joy to see and the photos do not do the pieces justice, they are just exquisite. Every time I look at them I am so thrilled that these beautiful things belong to me! :-)

Goodness, where does the time go? I can't believe it has been over a month since my last post! Still, I have been quite busy and have also celebrated my 50th birthday since I last posted....... I have quite a few stitching pictures to share with you, but where to start? :-)

Okay, let's start with a little Marks and Spencer mint tin which I decorated and sent to Vicky, I took the stitching from a French heart pattern which I had in the stash and also stitched a tiny little scissor fob to go with it. Here you are.........